What Should You Do If a Property Has a Pest Infestation?

Whether you’re currently dealing with a problem or just want to be prepared in the event that you encounter one, here’s how to deal with the different types of infestations that can affect a residential property:

If the idea of a single mouse walking around your kitchen sends chills down your spine, imagine if there were a dozen or more of these rodents in your walls! Not only are mice gross little creatures, but they can cause damage around your home’s baseboards.

The good news is regardless of how much the thought or reality of a mouse infestation makes you cringe, there’s a simple solution. By putting a few mouse deterrent products around your home, you’ll be able to attract and eliminate any mice that have infested your space.

While cats or dogs are the first thing most people think of when fleas come to mind, these pests can also be a major issue for humans if they infest a home. Although bathing your pets on a regular basis can cut down the likelihood of a flea problem, if you’ve already got one, a solution is what’s going to matter to you most.

A flea trap is the best way to get rid of this type of infestation. Even if you have a serious problem, you’ll be able to get refills for your trap until the problem is completely resolved.

Although crickets aren’t as destructive as the other pests on this list, dealing with an infestation can be just as unpleasantImage. While the sound of distant crickets on a summer night is quite nice, this noise suddenly loses its appeal when you have hundreds or even thousands of them doing it right next to your house.

The key to preventing crickets from becoming a problem is to discourage them from collecting in one area. Avoid the use of outdoor white lights, clear away wood instead of letting it pile up and ensure that shrubs don’t get too close to building foundations. These steps will go a long way towards preventing or taking care of an infestation.

Bed Bugs
Despite their name, bed bugs can actually infest just about any area of a room. However, they weren’t given that name at random. Because these bugs are drawn to humans, they typically get active at night and move towards the bed.In addition to using a detection kit, it’s usually possible to spot bed bugs by the signs they leave behind. Some of these signs include black mattress stains, fecal pellets and tiny blood stains on sheets.

If you discover that your room is infested by these nasty little bugs, you can pick up a bag of Diatomaceous Earth for less than $15. What’s great about this product is not only is there no way for insects to become resistant to it, but because it’s completely organic, you can confidently sprinkle it around any room without having concerns about side effects.

About the Author

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger, content coordinator and home improvement expert. In her free time, she loves attending concerts and working on DIY projects.


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